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Industrial Gears - Type and Specifications Of Gears Important to Understand

Gears Manufacturers and Suppliers In India

Gears is always a mandatory equipment for any machine or industrial plant. 

Gears Knowledge / Products according to industry wise details 

Spur Gears:
This is the most common type of gear that used in various transmissions, tooth contact to the

primarily rolling, with sliding during the contact of gear engagement and disengagement. Spur gears create some normal noise but its increase during the high speed process. 
These gears are commonly used in washing machines, blenders, dryers, construction equipment and electric generation stations.

Girth Gears
: Gear is a important component in the gear drive assembly.Girth gears mainly using in heavy

industrial mills, steel re rolling mills, kiln drive system, paper industries.We as a girth gears manufacturer, exporting and supplying quality girth gears with high efficiency and quality. The tool Girth gears is very popular and useful due to economical manufacturing cost and quick install in comparison of other gears. these gears are durable and life of girth gears depends upon lubrication and alignment. Girth gear is mostly used in kiln drives and mills. The industries, where Girth gears are used are sugar mills industries, paper mills industries, steel and iron industries.

Helical gears
: We at Ashoka manufacturer and suppliers of helical gears & double helical gears, these

gears are similar to industrial gears. Helical gears have slanting teeth to help gear meshing, these gears are circular in shape where teeth are curved along helical path. Helical gear teeth is connect better than spur gear teeth and run better.

Double Helical Gears: Ashoka Gears expertise in double helical gears manufacturing.Double Helical gears are very useful in Marine industry and Heavy equipments manufacturing marine gears boxes, rolling mills, steel rolling mills and other heavy industries.Two gears of the same type are stacked together and make it one. Most double helical gears come in cylindrical form. It has two sections of teeth which are simply referred to as the left hand and the right hand. At Ashoka Group, we provide you with great gear options that other helical gears manufacturers may not be able to give.

Ring Gears:  According to requirements We developed high quality ring gears, these rings gears having teeth on the edges of flywheel of an internal ignition engine and search usage in automotive applications. We are expertise in all kind of ring gears for ships, power plants, power generators etc.

Precision Gears: Precision Gears known for their good long lasting performance and constant motion under heavy loads and this is the reason that these gears are used in various heavy machined industries. As a Precision Gears Suppliers we known for quality and performance like our other products.Precision gears are used in heavy industries like Cement Plants, Sugar Plants, Mining, Agriculture, Defense, Marine, automation and Industrial equipments etc.

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