Monday, October 5, 2009

Fabrication and Equipment Manufacturers

Industrial plants, manufacturing establishments, and factories need machine equipments to facilitate their business’s production process. And inside such equipment are mechanical engines that make the entire system run. Manufacturing firms rely on conveyors, robots, and mechanical production machines to make their devices run.

Most of these equipments are especially built or manufactured to meet the needs of industrial plants and factories. This is why a lot of fabrication and equipment manufacturers today are embarking on the business of making machine equipments.

However, it is very important for factories and industrial businesses to choose their equipment manufacturers wisely. The wrong move could cause production halts that would translate to lost profits for your company. Most equipment manufacturers don’t only engage in industrial fabrication but in the repair of their own gears, engines, and machines. If you deal with the right company that can provide you with a full, all-around service, then you will have peace of mind knowing that your business will continue operating with proper maintenance. And even if there would be problems with the production line, downtime would be as short as possible because your reliable fabrication and equipment manufacturers will personally see to it that your business is back to normal operations in no time.

The services provided by fabrication and equipment manufacturers should not stop at merely providing for the machine equipments that are needed by their clients. They should also take the full responsibility of providing lifetime maintenance to their machines and equipments for the benefit of their business partners.

While installation is usually a part of their service, maintenance rarely is. This is what puts the best fabrication and equipment manufacturers apart from the others. Good customer service experience is usually the determining factor that allows the best equipment manufacturers to stand out from the rest.

Deal with the companies that could put your business’s welfare as much as they look after their own. Through their genuine help and assistance, you will be able to work on your production line and meet your daily targets without problems or delay. The right companies can take your business on top. It is very important not to take any chances.

Mini Cement Plants - Building Mini Cement Plants as a Lucrative Business

With today’s technology, mini cement plants can be built to answer the construction demands of the rural areas. While there are a lot of big cement plants and cement plant manufacturers today, there are only a handful of them that can provide services outside of the urban areas. This opens an opportunity for business-minded individuals and entities to build mini cement plants. The technology is made possible through the Vertical Shaft Kiln technology or VSK. This technology allows small players to become mini cement plant manufacturers and contribute in the building of local communities.

Cement plant equipments are provided by the bigger cement plant suppliers & exporters of today. If you own an existing construction business and you have substantial funds to build a mini cement plant, it is strongly encouraged that you look into this booming industry and try your hand in it.

Right now, such plants can even be taken to an entirely different country. Such a process is facilitated by cement plant exporters. They participate not only in providing the necessary equipments and supplies but in building the entire mini cement plant itself.

Cement Plants are required in places of emerging economies, in war-torn countries, and in areas where infrastructure rehabilitation is necessary. With the bigger players supporting the smaller ones, technology can be passed on smoothly, allowing for a much comprehensive area of coverage.

It is quite hard, if not impossible, for big cement plants to bring their products to a rural community where the roads are yet to be built. Big trucks won’t be able to penetrate mountainous areas and places with a tricky terrain. But with the development of mini cement plant near the places where the construction of roads, homes, and buildings construction are underway, it becomes easier for the consumer and the supplier to communicate with each other.

Mini cement plants can be the answer to the immediate problems of transporting the necessary materials into the construction site. Thanks to today’s technology, building a nation from scratch becomes a hundred times easier. Local communities can even contribute in the construction, as businessmen like you back up the plant.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Industrial Girth Gears

Girth Gears

Girth gears are most popular gear which is used in various mechanical and industrial applications. It is important component in the complete gear drive assembly, the basic uses of girth gear which separate from other gears is that they are design & develop in multiple segments; they can be 2, 4 or 8 same sizes.
Girth gears also called Split ring gears. From the old year age girth gears have found vast improvements. Now girth gear has been favored over the gearless drives because of lower cost, easy to install, easy to operate, high quality and high precision components.

The overall life of these gears depends upon proper maintenance.
Girth gears are comparatively lower in price than others and they quickly install. They are comparatively big in size and difficult to store for long period.Girth gears materials have made many changes and casting is very improved. Replication programs are installed for authentication of proper solidification. New materials are used with an added advantage of increase in solidity and therefore increased ratings. It’s very much required in kiln drives, sugar mills and steel industries.

Pinion Gears

Pinion gear is smaller in size or its always work with big gear where the teeth fit into the bigger gear. Rotational movement is converted into linear motion when the pinion gear turns and moves the racks. Pinion gears are designed to be the best gears therefore it’s very popular in all industries.
Pinion gears are small round gears and large gears are known as rack, number of teeth depend the speed of rotation. Pinion with smaller number of teeth creates more torque. Pinion gears attached with motor shaft with glue. Pinion gears are developed by cast iron, steel, aluminum, bronze, carbon steel and hardened steel.

There is one more popular type of gear called Ground gear. Ground gear teeth are crowned with the perfect amount of tip and root relief to ensure quiet process. They observe with grade one quality to take up tangential velocity of 1.5 meters p/s

Ground gears have advantages like, good efficiency, they can carry heavy loads, ground gears are having longer life and ground gears are having transmission correctness

We are also doing gears for Marine industries, defence industries and mills. As a leading gears manufacturer now we are expending our unit to all over India so you can get you order quicker without wasting time on roads.

As gear is a part of the machine we are also doing other machined equipments, like clinkers, rolling machines, conveyors according to client specifications.

Ground gears mainly use in Cement Plants, Thermal Power Station, Fertilizer plants, Sugar Mills, Sponge Mineral Plants, Chemical Plants, Iron Plants, Steel Rolling Plants.

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