Saturday, October 13, 2012

Steel Plant Manufacturers

Ashoka Group provides Turnkey Solutions for Steet Re Rolling Mills and as well as we provide steel plants equipments and casting products.We are the only steel plant manufacturers that you’ll ever need. We have everything essential included in our product line and service offerings. We can guarantee you that each of them are designed and created with your best interest in mind.

Ashoka’s Manufacturing Capabilities:

We are also providing Turnkey solutions for Cement Plants, Steel Re- Rolling Mills, Sponge Iron Plants. Ashoka has experience and knowledge to provide best services and quality to their customers.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Product Gallery of Gears

Ashoka Group Provides All Kind Industrial Gears, We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of all kind industrial gears. Gears are the key product of Ashoka Group but they are doing so many turnkey basis projects in all over world and doing challenging jobs in heavy industrial machine equipment manufacturer, they are supplying machine equipments to all the industries like power industries, agriculture industries, mining industries, defence and marine equipments etc. Ashoka group is a leading gears manufacturers and also engage with some other unique jobs like sheet metal fabrication, complete plant setup on turnkey basis, trouble shooting assistance here they are having a single roof where you can find all kind of engineering solution. 

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Gear is very important and basic part of a machines and it most important usage within various industries like marine, industries, automotive industries, coal mine industries, Steel plant industries, Paper Industries, Agriculture and Fertilizer industries and many more. In these heavy industries these gears are using in so many wide application. Gears are used in conveyors, Elevators, kilns, cranes, lubrication systems, lifting to rotating.

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