Monday, September 10, 2012

Importance of Power Transmission Products in Heavy Industries Setup

Ashoka Group is one of the leading companies of power transmission products, gears manufacturers, cement plants, sugar mill manufacturers in India. Ashoka gears manufacturers are now became popular in all over world. Asoka’s Industrial Gears, Helical Gears, Worm Gears, Girth ground gears and gearboxes are world famous.

Today Asoka group is became brand of diversified component manufacturers. We are manufacturer’s exporter of all Power Transmissions Products.

Ashoka Group’s Engineers are expert and experience in designing all kind Industrial gears and Industrial gearboxes. Gear is basic device of machine that help to provide power to any machine so we can say that gears are mainly used for controlling machines or device. This is a fundamental part of any machine. We all are know that without gears we can grow or we say that no gears No life. We are providing high quality Industrial gears.

Helical Gears: Helical gear is type of Industrial gears have curve on the surface of a cylinder or cone used for mashing other gears. Ashoka group is expertise for manufacturing helical gears and double helical gears. We are able to provide these gears in different material like brass, aluminium, cast iron, copper, plastic, steel, powered metal and wooden.

Worm Gears: Warm Gears used for produce very large speed force; it is looked like as screw. This is very useful for different industries. It is mostly used in mining and manufacturing of ships, Material Handling equipments, food processing machines etc. This is also available in different meterial.Ashoka Group is larger manufacturers and suppliers of worm gears for earth moving industries, material handling machine, rubber plants and much more.

Ground Gears & Girth Ground Gears: Ground gears are most use full gears in sugar mills, cement plants, sponge iron plants and heavy engineering workshops. Ashoka Group is excellent manufacturers of ground gears and Girth Ground Gears for various industries like fertile plants, cement plants, sponge iron plants, sugar mills, mining plants, chemical plants, steel rolling plants, material handling equipments etc with different materials.

Gearbox: Ashoka group provide world best manufacturers and suppliers of custom enclosed gears devices –Gearbox. Gearbox is metallic box that is used for settle gears, we will provide all kind gearboxes like spurgearbox, helicalgearbox, groundgearbox, crane duty gearbox ect. Gearbox is mostly used in vehicles, it is also used in heavy industries like mining, agricultures, wind turbine etc.

Industrial Gears: Ashoka Group is trusted name of gears manufacturers and suppliers of all kind industrial gears like helical gears, spur gears,bevel gears double helical gears, pinion gears, worm gears, grith gears etc. We are export high class industrial gears in various countries.

Ashoka Group: Ashoka Group’s Power Transmission Products in heavy industries setup in 1952, By Mr, Raman Khanna, Now we are export our goods to Dubai, Qatar, Iraq, Brazil, Australia, France and Germany and outher contries.

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