Monday, May 31, 2010

Marine Gears Manufacturers,Exporters,Suppliers

Set of gears that applied in the marine applications are known as Marine gears. Our set of gears is used in cruise, yachts, ships, warships and high speed boats all fitted with marine gears sets.

Marine gears have high performance with variant sizes, Marine gears can have size range of 300MM to 5 meters and power transmission can start from 225 kilowatt to 50,000 kilowatts. Marine gears are not only generating huge power transmission but also know for high speeds, marine gears can generate a speed of 25 knots or 29 mph.

These Marine gears are available in various sizes and manufactured for wide range of marine applications. Some of the standards need to follow for making marine gears and marine gearboxes are:-

* Light Weight – Marine gears should be light in weight but we can not compromise on the durability, smoothness and efficiency of the gear transmission.

* Twin Engines transmission – Most of the marine vessels comprise two or more engines so marine gears are insert according to the twin engine transmission.

* Complex Gear Designs – Marine gears are designed to fit in the restrictions space so its design is comparatively complex


  1. Can any body inform me more on marine and defence gears..

  2. Marine gears means complete set of gears required for marine applications from cruise liner, commercial ships, luxury yachts to petrol boats. As marine gears are set of gears so its require variety of configurations and installation process to make perfect gear applications. Categorization of different gears is based on gear sizes, loading capacity and speed. Marine gears used in winches, windlasses, turning, cranes, elevators and other rudder carriers of marine applications.

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